Who we are + What we stand for

We aim to create products that reflect who you are and help you achieve your dreams. We firmly believe that design has the power to enrich our lives, while unique possessions can make our homes feel truly extraordinary.

Colors are deeply ingrained in our identity, intertwined with the personal journey of our founder, a French-Mexican entrepreneur. By blending the French savoir-faire with the vibrant hues of Latin-American culture, we infuse our creations with a lively palette that brings joy to our everyday lives.

Our aim is to develop products that not only resonate with our own values but also inspire you to embrace your true self and pursue your aspirations. Every day, we seek to ignite that spark of inspiration that fuels your dreams.

"Leading with the heart"

Living a life guided by passion and purpose

Have you ever felt like something was missing in your career, like you were meant for something more?

That's exactly how I felt for many years. As a self-taught artist, I've always believed in the power of colors and design to transform our lives. But it wasn't until I made a bold decision that I truly understood the impact art can have on our wellbeing.

Armed with my trusty iPad, I poured my heart and soul into creating Soyjoy - my dream lifestyle brand. I envisioned something bold, purposeful, and full of joy - a tribute to all the passion and creativity that I know exists in each and every one of us.

Soyjoy isn't just a business for me - it's a way of life. It's about tapping into your inner artist and living fully in the moment. It's about finding the colors that light you up, and surrounding yourself with designs that inspire you. Most of all, it's about embracing the spirit of creativity that exists within us all.

So if you, too, are searching for that spark of inspiration to light your life, come join me on this journey.

What we value


    Whether minimalist or bold, colors can drastically affect our mood and atmosphere. Each color plays a specific role on our emotions, they can be powerful and energize
    an entire home, but also soothe your senses in a moment of need.


    When creating our visuals, we love to think outside the box and always push back the limits. Like navigating on a rainbow, we explore the full spectrum of design to bring back happy memories to life, share values that are important to us with our community, always allowing ourselves to be creative.


    From scent composition to packaging materials, we carefully select all our ingredients and materials so as to bring you more than a product, a wonderful and unique piece.

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The Ambassador program

Do you feel like our values resonate with you and feel excited to be a part of our tribe? We invite you the join the VIP Program and become an integral part of the community.

What will you gain? Exclusive access to early sales, free shipping on all your purchases and endless fun surprises.

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  • Scarlet

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  • Evergreen

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  • The Pod

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    The PodThe Pod
  • Dune

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Behind the scenes and styling inspo

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Forging our brand

We want to thank all the creatives that joined us in this adventure and will forever be a part of Soyjoy's community and identity. Our heart felt thank you to Studio Duo®, Alizéeperroux®, Cristi Civallero® and Camilapacific®.